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Glowing Group: Exclusivity meets expertise

Your gateway to the best real estate in Prishtina

Glowing Tower
Glowing Tower

Your partner for luxury real estate

Tailor-made solutions for sophisticated demands

Glowing Group specializes in the realization and brokerage of exclusive real estate in Prishtina. We understand the needs of discerning clients and offer tailored solutions.

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Glowing Tower


Prishtina 10000

Floors: 22

Space: 17.287 m2

Glowing Tower

Glowing Star



Floors: 11

Space: 6.384 m2

Glowing Star Building

Glowing Hill
Coming Soon

Glowing Hill

Glowing stands for...

Glowing Group

...exclusivity and expertise in the real estate world.

Glowing Group

...tailor-made solutions for sophisticated demands.

Glowing Group - High Quality Furniture

...the demand for the highest quality and best service.

...the future of luxury real-estate in Prishtina.

...the future of luxury real-estate in Prishtina.

Glowing Terrace

...more than just an investment, but a lifestyle.

Glowing Tower Inside

...the perfect combination of exclusivity, returns and quality of life.

High-quality apartments, representative office space, and commercial property for high demands